Land Clearing

In the challenging field of land clearing, you can count on us for professional, reliable service.  Using some of the most innovative equipment on the market today, we’re able to complete even the most challenging land clearing and demolition jobs.

We can provide any of the following services:

  • Demolition Of Buildings 
  • Grindings of Skids and Wood
  • Soil Conservation Stabilization
  • Land Clearing and Grubbing
    • Trees and Stumps
    • Root Rakes and Three Point Hitch Grinders
    • In Ground Mowing of Trees Up to Four Inches
    • In Ground Grinding of Brush and Root
  • Utility Right-of-Way Mowing and Clearing
  • Penn Dot Certified
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Agricultural

Demolition of Buidlings

Scraper Services

wood fire burning


Through our land clearing, we harvest and produce firewood, one of the best renewable energy sources.  We offer a hardwood mix of seasoned firewood consisting of oak, locust, ash and cherry split and cut to 16-18″ lengths by our firewood processing team. Firewood by the cord is available for pick up or delivery. Call for current season deals.


Conestoga Land Clearing is a pleasure to work with.  Their team of dedicated professionals always provides prompt and competitive pricing.  My experience working with them has always been enjoyable from bidding all the way through the completion of the project.  They always act in a professional manor, offer prompt response time, are able to meet our needs, and adapt to changes on the project.  I’ve come away very impressed multiple times after using Conestoga Land Clearing, and look forward to continuing a great relationship for years to come.

Brad A. Shulenberger, Project Manager

H.L. Wiker, Inc.